Cai Vail

is an illustrator, artist, photographer, and mama wolf to one tiny goblin king.  Born and raised in New England, she is a fourth-generation artist and passionate autodidact.  Through her personal and illustration work she explores a dichotomy of feminine beauty and visceral animism, weaving delicate figurative linework with unhindered bursts of ink and watercolor.  Her images are largely mixed media, a combination of traditional mediums (ink, watercolor, pen, graphite) and digital tools. 

"Cai Vail's work is simultaneously delicate and brutal, pairing lush, sensitive shading with violent subject matter. Vail creates scenes of painful beauty, treading a rich line between what draws us in and what frightens us." -

Cai's work is exhibited nationally and abroad.  Affordable prints of her work are available via INPRNT; original artwork and prints signed by the artist are available via the SHOP.  For interviews/features or to inquire about a purchase or commission, contact Cai at

Cai Vail's portrait photography work, Asher + Oak Photography, focuses on the beauty of motherhood and the creative life.  Her blog, Maker + Marrow, features images and interviews with female and lgbtq creative entrepeneurs and freelancers. 




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